Beyond the Bachelors

A year away from completing my B.S. in Applied Social Science at CSU and I have been thinking about whats next and in the future.  I am having so much fun, its not question of whether I keep going, instead where and for what purpose.  I am leaning towards communications.  Both Gonzaga and Seton Hall have online masters degree programs that combine communication and leadership, two topics that I personally find related, relevant, and utterly fascinating; I am passionate about both.  Another option is USC’s Annenburg School for Communication and Journalism, that has an online Masters in Communication Management.  The third option on the table is through Fielding Graduate University, an MA in Media Psychology with the option of pursuing the PhD.  Media Psychology is particularly interesting to me because of the way digital media is helping people change the world.  Lot’s of good options, any advice?


One Comment on “Beyond the Bachelors”

  1. purplesparx says:

    Great job! I LOVE IT!

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